DJ Musique (also known as Emmett “DJ Musique” Muckeroy) is a professional music entertainer and skilled disc jockey. He has been DJing since the age of 15 years old. His DJ roots began in Chicago, Illinois where he learned his DJ craft from some of the best House and Club DJs in the city. He later moved to Texas where he attended and graduated from Texas Southern University. During his time at Texas Southern University he perfected his DJ skills and MC skills working with Jamming JJ Williams, Mixmaster Neal C., and many other Houston based radio and club DJs.

DJ Musique is versed in many music genres and he has a vast music collection ranging in Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, R&B/Soul and Country. He has many years of experience performing in clubs, radio and private venues.

DJ Musique currently has a syndicated internet radio show called “Cafe Soul” and is the owner/operator of an internet radio station– “The Lounge Soul Cafe.”

If you’re looking for quality entertainment, great sound, and entertaining music mixes then contact DJ Musique.

Phone: (972) 523-7392
twitter: @djmusiquemusic
facebook: djmusiquemusic